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Perhaps copyists attempted to fill out the textures in cases where the composer had left only a skeleton outline.
The first four chapters of this book broadly address the questions regarding the state of Boccherini's manuscripts, both those in his own hand and those prepared for him by copyists.
35) John Malet did not copy the Rochester texts in the "Harbin" MS: the fourth volume of the Malet MSS includes two documents certified as being in his hand, (36) which with its heavy admixture of secretary forms bears no resemblance to the neat italic of the "Harbin" copyist.
This is no bad thing, since, in terms of the history of books before printing, the figure of Robert Thornton and the achievement memorialized by his two surviving codices are often taken as representative in several important ways of what it meant to be a single late-medieval English regional copyist and book producer.
I 394 cannot be considered solely Lionardo Salviati's autograph but is, instead, the product of a group of copyists and collaborators on which Salviati could rely with later additions.
Darnall Dietz worked as a music copyist on a variety of productions, from "Newsies" to "The Little Mermaid" to the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
Readers of The Marble Faun will recognize in that novel how Nathaniel deployed those expectations about copyists, copying, and copies which prevailed during the nineteenth century and were embodied in Sophia.
This account assumes not only that the first copyist made an error and failed to notice either the error or its consequences (a common cause of textual corruption) but also--and more crucially--that the second copyist was sufficiently perplexed by the error to change the destination of the abductee but not perceptive enough to recognize the error and correct it.
OPENING with the thunderous Peter Hook-style bassline of On The Motorway, you could be forgiven for expecting Metronomy to be yet another bunch of New Order copyists.
Their jagged guitars and spikey lyrics set the blueprint for Artic Monkeys - and a million lesser copyists.
Despite getting lumped in with all the other post-punk bands emerging at the time and being pegged as Joy Division copyists, you could nevermistake Editors' sound for anyone else.
The title's making is expansive, including not only what poets did, but also the many ways in which their poetry was constituted and reconstituted by publishers, copyists, editors, and readers.