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The physical characteristics of manuscripts provide the indicators of the earliest origins of the objects, including similar paper, consistent copyists, and coherent numbering schemes.
The succession of numerous copyists, (38) occasionally separated by a blank folio, and the codex's foliation by sections seem to point to the existence of some separate gatherings that were subsequently combined and bound together, forming a single body.
Darnall Dietz worked as a music copyist on a variety of productions, from "Newsies" to "The Little Mermaid" to the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
This account assumes not only that the first copyist made an error and failed to notice either the error or its consequences (a common cause of textual corruption) but also--and more crucially--that the second copyist was sufficiently perplexed by the error to change the destination of the abductee but not perceptive enough to recognize the error and correct it.
83) Such copyists can reach market well before the relevant trend has
Nuneaton's Queens Hall mark Halloween night with Kiss copyists Dressed to Kill and they're offering halfprice admission to any fans who turn up in appropriate make-up.
Having hosted the rock stage of Sumo Fest last week, Uncle Alberts on Borough Road welcomes Billingham bunch ONE NIGHT STANDS, who pick up lazy comparisons to Maximo Park but are far more than mere copyists.
There's nothing subversive about Dafen's factories, or its machinelike copyists.
The task facing the cheeky copyists is almost as daunting.
In terms of benefits accruing, up to now, the festival has favoured pub and club owners, food and drink concessions stalls, the Mathew Street Festival Company and most of all the major national and international brewery companies over the interests of the people of the city and most importantly the "creative core" of indigenous musicians and writers who are very fortunate ever to feature on the outside stages unless they are direct Beatle copyists or "cover" bands.
One of the questions classicists address here is when did Plato's texts become classics, and so presumably immune from casual revision and amendment by commentators and copyists.