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[Latin, Before; in the presence of.]

The term coram is used in phrases that refer to the appearance of a person before another individual or a group. Coram non judice, "in the presence of a person not a judge," is a phrase that describes a proceeding brought before a court that lacks the jurisdiction to hear such a matter. Any judgment rendered by the court in such a case is void.

CORAM. In the presence of; before. Coram nobis, before us; coram vobis, before you; coram non judice, is said of those acts of a court which has no jurisdiction, either over the person, the, cause, or the process. 1 Con. 40. Such acts have no validity. Where a thing is required to be done before a particular person, it would not be considered as done before him, if he were asleep or non compos. Vide Dig. 4, 8, 27, 5; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 5 Harr. & John. 42; 8 Cranch, 9; Paine's R. 55; Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.

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Tell me, Professor Coram," he said, at last, "what is in that cupboard in the bureau?
We must apologize for having intruded upon you, Professor Coram, and I promise that we won't disturb you until after lunch.
I have forged and tested every link of my chain, Professor Coram, and I am sure that it is sound.
He had met me on the road, and I had asked him to tell me where Professor Coram lived, not knowing that he was in his employ.
amp;nbsp; Sentencing Error Coram Nobis Where a defendant challenged his sentence by filing a petition for a writ of error coram nobis since he was no longer in custody, the court finds that such a petition is subject to the restrictions on second or successive habeas corpus petitions, and dismissal of the petition is affirmed because the District Court properly found that there was no fundamental error, and the defendant failed to meet his burden to show that he was entitled to the extraordinary relief.
Ray Scott and Don Coram have worked on for a few years now.
The commercial property at the corner of Center Street and Coram Avenue houses Jeff's Appliances, Gary's East Coast Service, Chantel's Beauty Salon, an auto repair building and a 3-family house.
The order stated that the counsel for the Petitioner was unable to make out even the semblance of a case that the selection process in this behalf was tainted with mala fides of facts or law or even otherwise was without jurisdiction or Coram non judice.
One of her insureds had moved from Brooklyn to Coram in Suffolk County.
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