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More licences than ever have been given to kill cormorants
More directly, the Cormorant team's court application accused the Liberal government of rigging the entire process to enable Sikorsky to win and thereby avoid the embarrassment of having to purchase the same EH101 helicopters which Chretien's Liberals had cancelled the procurement of in 1993.
Fellow parasite expert and Institute of Fisheries Management committee member raised other fears as he added: "Being marine birds, cormorants are simply not supposed to be found inland and, as such, the natural fish populations cannot cope with their parasites.
I echo Lord Mason's call for a realistic cormorant management programme before the situation becomes uncontrollable.
Before we started the sound gun it was not unusual to see about 50 cormorants at a time on the lakes.
John Williams and his supporters disagree and are calling for legislation to make the culling of cormorants less hassle-free for fishery managers.
Cormorants set up residence on or near the hatcheries or lakes - like most urban waters in Southern California regularly planted with trout - and exploit the free food source.
1million three-year study of cormorants, funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, ends in 1998 but, by then, a lot of anglers believe many of Britain's fisheries could have suffered irreversible harm.
It's not just rivers which have the cormorant problem but lochs too.
Cormorants can comfortable devour fish of 2lb and more, so dace and roach can be taken in big numbers.
Unfortunately, double-crested cormorants - also colony nesters - have invaded the night-heron and egret nesting area, and the nesting activity of the cormorants has increasingly become a concern.
Fisheries in the West Midlands are supporting a Government policy of culling cormorants this winter, claiming the problem cannot be controlled by any other measures.