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CORN. In its most comprehensive sense, this term signifies every sort of grain, as well as peas and beans, this is its meaning in the memorandum usually contained in policies of insurance. But it does not include rice. 1 Park. Ins. 112; Marsh. Ins. 223, note; Stev. on Av. part 4, art. 2; Ben. on Av. eh. 10; 1 Marsh. Ins. 223; Park on Ins. 112; Wesk. Ins. 145. Vide Com. Dig. Biens, G 1.

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I mean I have grandchildren and they like eating corn on the cob.
Serves 4 6 litres water 1 cup sugar 1 cup salt 1 chicken, quartered 8 cloves garlic 2 corn on the cobs, cut in halves
There is a big difference in both taste and nutrition between home-grown and supermarket corn on the cob
s Web site shows a ceramic corn serving platter for the "highlight of late summer -- corn on the cob," and Sur La Table's Web offerings for summer dining include glazed terra-cotta dipping dishes that "make outstanding serving dishes for your next fiesta or outdoor barbecue," as well as the Yacht Club tray, which is "ideal for outdoor entertaining.
Somerfield in Norfolk had no fresh corn on the cob but stocked 1 litre tubs of Wall's Cornish ice cream.
The corn picker they use must leave the corn on the cob - the modern, strip-the-corn-and-break-up-the-cob-type won't work.
There is nothing that can compare to the taste of fresh-cooked corn on the cob, sprinkled with salt and dripping with melted butter.
For great-tasting corn on the cob without the butter, try a generous spritz of fresh lime juice and a shake of chili powder.
Considered one of the ephemeral delights of summer because its sweet taste fades so fast, corn on the cob also ranks as one of the great challenges to food scientists seeking to preserve its fresh flavor.
This regional limited edition holiday pack has a Northwest theme, with Smoked Salmon Pate Soda as the starting hors d'oeuvre, along with the traditional Turkey & Gravy Soda, Corn on the Cob Soda, Broccoli Casserole Soda, and Pecan Pie Soda for dessert.
The relish requires one corn on the cob (90p), a lime (30p) and a red chilli (30p).
Griddled chicken & corn on the cob salad Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 4 small skinless chicken breasts 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tbsp paprika Juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsp olive oil 2 corn cobs 4 little gem lettuces, quartered ' cucumber, diced METHOD 1.