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A week ago, The National visited a selection of the capital's corner shops to gauge the mood ahead of the landmark move by the UAE to bring in VAT.
The living wage hit corner shops hard when it rose in April from PS7.
Last year British Corner Shop shipped more than 50,000 orders overseas.
A number of police cars and paramedics attended and a cordon was put in place around Dovecot Street Corner Shop.
Application forms may be obtained from The Corner Shop during business hours (Tuesdays and Thursday from 10 a.
The 2012 Olympics, The Royal Wedding, The Diamond Jubilee and Andy Murray's Wimbledon triumph, have all had a significant impact on a traditionally self-deprecating nation, according to the founders of the British Corner Shop, a service that delivers to Cyprus and other popular expat destinations.
The association of small merchants, which has a membership of about 4m corner shop owners, strongly condemned Japan's new government for holding events last Friday to commemorate "Takeshima Day", which marks the day in 1905 that Japan incorporated some barren islets located between the two countries into its territory.
CORNER shops and small businesses will not be forced to provide bilingual services in the foreseeable future, the Secretary of State insisted last night.
But Mr Johnson said the ban will be introduced in supermarkets first, and corner shop owners would have to "diversify" as smoking rates fall.
In my corner shop I could buy ambient food by the bucketload.
A BEER price war in Quebec, Canada, is resulting in corner shop closures across the province due to heavy competition from larger chains.
He transplants his vast library (which mainly looks like those rows of fake books you see in displays at furniture stores) to a modest corner shop, where he's met with indifference, ingratitude and even outright hostility.