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Prime Minister announced that the corner-stone of plant
Namely, SDSM demanded the state officials, who are taking part in the election, not to be able to attend corner-stone laying ceremonies for various projects and not hold press-conferences about this projects.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Saturday said that friendship with China would remain the corner-stone of Pakistan's foreign policy which had been a factor of peace and stability in the region.
Whoever targets the southern suburb targets the corner-stone of the resistance.
The Yorkshire Bank, which has been a corner-stone in Gresham ward for decades, is to close its doors for ever on Wednesday, August 22.
Referring to Pakistans relations with China, he said that China was corner-stone of Pakistans foreign policy, adding, Sino-Pakistan relations were higher than Himalaya, sweeter than honey and stronger than steel and were a factor of stability in the region.
Star)--His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday laid the corner-stone of the National Jordanian Financial Center which will comprise capital market institutions and brokerages of the Amman Stock Exchange.
Nevertheless, self-interest is a poor corner-stone for a relationship with anyone, no less with God.