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NAPF chairman Peter Thompson said: ``Employers have been the corner-stone of pension provision for millions of workers in the last few decades, and just when saving levels need to increase they are declining.''
Energy minister Brian Wilson said, "This obligation is the corner-stone to our policy to unlock the door to green energy in this country.
The key event, argues Mr Gibson, was the Glorious Revolution, which 'established a providentialism that was a corner-stone of eighteenth-century Anglicanism'.
STAFF and supporters of the NCH Corner-stone Family Centre in Coventry have raised more than pounds 2,000 at a charity auction.
European Union grants and bilateral funds will also contribute to the financing of the new bridge which is scheduled to open in 2005.Commenting on the loan, EIB Vice-President Wolfgang Roth said: "This new bridge over the Danube will be a corner-stone for the completion of a basic multimodal transport network for the enlarged European Union and will benefit the candidate countries and the EU alike.
So the Windies were hoping to make Hinds a corner-stone of their top order.
Designed to meet the most stringent performance requirements of DVD replication, Lexan OQ1040L and OQ1030L resins stand as the corner-stone of this portfolio.
green bottle with a painted label follows in the footsteps of the Rolling Rock premium longneck - "the corner-stone of Rolling Rock's on-premise success," according to the Latrobe Brewing Co., the brand's producer.