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CORNET. A commissioned officer in a regiment of cavalry.

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The rate at which the piano, cornet and violins were going, seemed to impart wildness to the half-drunken crowd.
He took Rebecca to task once or twice about the propriety of playing at backgammon with Sir Pitt, saying that it was a godless amusement, and that she would be much better engaged in reading "Thrump's Legacy," or "The Blind Washerwoman of Moorfields," or any work of a more serious nature; but Miss Sharp said her dear mother used often to play the same game with the old Count de Trictrac and the venerable Abbe du Cornet, and so found an excuse for this and other worldly amusements.
Now, this gentleman had a younger brother of still better appearance than himself, who had tried life as a Cornet of Dragoons, and found it a bore; and had afterwards tried it in the train of an English minister abroad, and found it a bore; and had then strolled to Jerusalem, and got bored there; and had then gone yachting about the world, and got bored everywhere.
Normally, you have two cornets and one horn," he explained.
Joan Fogg, 55, had two silver Stirling cornets stolen from a car parked outside her home in Thornton.
Tim said: "We hand-make all our instruments - from cornets through to euphoniums.
For that price all those years ago one could have bought 240 cornets or 120 sandwiches.
Lanark GP Dr Bill Criggie, a respected member of the town's Lord Cornets club, has dumped his wife of 27 years, Heather.
Yet for me all the barriers were broken down on Saturday afternoon, when I took a big tub of ice-cream and a box of cornets into the old people's home where my mum lives.
Over the past 5 years, as astronomers have imaged more than 30 residents of the Kuiper belt, this proposed storehouse has become accepted as a source of cornets.