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noun acceptance, acceptation, appropriation, assumption, attainment, find, gain, gleaning, intaking, obtainment of property, possession, procuration, procurement, realization, receival, receiving, reception, recipience, stealing, taking
Associated concepts: acquisition by purchase, acquisition of assets, acquisition of property, acquisition value
Foreign phrases: Qui acquirit sibi acquirit haeredibus.He who acquires for himself acquires for his heirs.
See also: accession, accumulation, adoption, adverse possession, appropriation, assumption, boom, collection, cumulation, distress, enlargement, profit, prosperity, realization, receipt, recovery, replevin, takeover, taking

ACQUISITION, property, contracts, descent. The act by which the person procures the property of a thing.
    2. An acquisition, may be temporary or perpetual, and be procured either for a valuable consideration, for example, by buying the same; or without consideration, as by gift or descent.
    3. Acquisition may be divided into original and derivative. Original acquisition is procured by occupancy, 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 490; 2 Kent. Com. 289; Menstr. Leg. du Dr. Civ. Rom. Sec. 344 ; by accession, 1 Bouv. Inst. n. Sec. 499; 2 Kent., Com. 293; by intellectual labor, namely, for inventions, which are secured by patent rights and for the authorship of books, maps, and charts, which is protected by copyrights. 1. Bouv. Inst. n. 508.
    4. Derivative acquisitions are those which are procured from others, either by act of law, or by act of the parties. Goods and chattels may change owners by act of law in the cases of forfeiture, succession, marriage, judgment, insolvency, and intestacy. And by act of the parties, by gift or sale. Property may be acquired by a man himself, or by those who are in his power, for him; as by his children while minors; 1 N. Hamps. R. 28; 1 United States Law Journ. 513 ; by his apprentices or his slaves. Vide Ruth. Inst. ch. 6 & 7; Dig. 41, 1, 53; Inst. 2,9; Id. 2,9,3.

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Abbott had significantly tempered its traditionally aggressive corporate acquisition strategy during 2005 after an active year in 2004 as the company was focused on integration of the assets purchased in 2004, including Therasense Inc.
Hesse provides a depth of experience in corporate acquisitions, including financing and integration activities.
With this transaction, we are broadening our investment program to also include corporate acquisitions, and Ocular--a company with an excellent track record, strong leadership and significant growth potential--is a great way to begin.
Schehr, senior vice president and general counsel of Anteon International Corporation, was named Outstanding Chief Legal Officer for his efforts in guiding Anteon through numerous corporate acquisitions, along with overseeing the development and implementation of the company's web-based ethics and compliance training program.
a private investment firm, which is a leading provider of equity for middle market corporate acquisitions, recapitalizations and growth capital financings.

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