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The process of carrying out, through agreements and legal proceedings, a business plan for winding up the affairs of, or foreclosing a mortgage upon, the property of a corporation that has become insolvent.

Reorganization is ordinarily accomplished by way of a Judicial Sale of the property of the corporation. The purchasers then often form a new corporation to which substantially all assets of the old are transferred.



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n. the implementation of a business plan to restructure a corporation, which may include transfers of stock between shareholders of two corporations in a merger. In bankruptcy, a corporation in deep financial trouble may be given time to reorganize while protected from creditors by the bankruptcy court. The theory is that if the business is able to get on its feet the creditors will eventually collect. (See: corporation, merger, bankruptcy)

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Giddens, trustee and chair of the Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP corporate reorganization and bankruptcy group said, "The third multi-billion dollar distribution to general creditors is underway as winding down the estate moves ahead.
Headquartered in New York and Washington, D.C, Seward & Kissel's practice includes mergers & acquisitions and other business transactions, corporate finance and securities, investment management, bankruptcy and corporate reorganization.
Sheila Reinken, an expert in corporate reorganization, was named v.p.
Part III examines corporate distributionsand Part IV covers the major areas of practice, including liquidations and corporate reorganization. Part V discusses controlled corporations, affiliated corporations and consolidated returns.
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The IRS reasoning is simple: A bankruptcy proceeding also is a corporate reorganization with future benefits to the taxpayer.
Dunbridge, OH, Principle Business Enterprises (PBE), a manufacturer of "Pillow Paws" Footwear and "Tranquility" absorbent incontinent products also located in Dunbridge, and Belgian end distributor PBI recently underwent a corporate reorganization that in effect removed them from the "for sale" category.
Not incidentally, Mercedes also seems to want a litmus test for a newly completed corporate reorganization that has stripped away layers of bulky management.
to D on January 19, 2010, upon its petition for commencement of Corporate Reorganization proceedings with the Tokyo District Court and then acceptance by the Court on January 19, 2010.
He introduces the topic with a brief history of state insolvency and previous legal proposals before turning to his own proposal, which he derives from general principles of international law as identified from comparison of common features of corporate reorganization laws in Argentina, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, and the United States.

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