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If the ISC is a corporation, it may be a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of an operating company or "placed" elsewhere within a corporate structure.
You should consult a qualified tax expert to help you determine which corporate structure suits your needs.
Regrettably, in proposing the procurement regulations that are the subject of the Joint Committee's October 16 hearing, the Board of Public Works has chosen to ignore the statutory framework the legislature has enacted and attempted, by bureaucratic fiat, to fundamentally change Maryland's tax system (at least so far as it applies to companies doing business with the State) by requiring companies to disregard their corporate structures in filing Maryland income tax returns.
The corporate structure was restraining his intuitive passion for deal-making.
Thus, there was a long-term benefit in connection with a change in corporate structure, which must be capitalized.
With detailed tips on how to take advantage of company's corporate structure, utilize barter services, transfer equity and plan for succession, a business owner can, indeed, maximize cash flow and minimize taxation.
We also believe the new corporate structure would immediately provide us increased operating flexibility, allowing us to be more responsive to our customers, especially in the international arena.
If the corporate taxpayer did not acquire a capital asset or change the capital structure as a result of the transaction, but merely preserved or protected existing assets and rights or contracted the scope of its activities, the transaction may be considered the equivalent of a partial liquidation rather than a reorganization of the corporate structure.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Pacific Bank (NASDAQ: CPBI) announced today that it has reorganized its corporate structure into three groups that include administration, commercial banking, and retail banking.
11) With respect to the latter, the long-term benefit theme is sounded yet again when the Court describes these expenses as "incurred for the purpose of changing the corporate structure for the benefit of future operations.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- NOVA Corporation of Alberta announced today it has met with the Government of Alberta to discuss planned changes in the company's corporate structure.

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