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While approving the new corporate structure, the Public Utility Commission last March said it will consider, in a separate proceeding, whether to force the utility to share some of the tax savings with ratepayers, potentially lowering their bills.
According to CEO Richard Leupen, a corporate structure review is needed as its both businesses had reached substantial scale, with UGL's Engineering business generating over AUD2.
The new corporate structure will feature the parent company, Qualcomm Incorporated, which includes QTL and corporate functions, as well as most of Qualcomm's patent portfolio and a new wholly owned subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies Inc (QTI), which, along with its subsidiaries, will operate substantially all of Qualcomm's research and development activities, as well as product and services businesses, including its semiconductor business, QCT.
Preserving the two (or more) brands can be accomplished no matter what the corporate structure of the final entity might be, simply because a brand is not linked in any way with a specific corporate structure (for a way to preserve all brand names, see Management Company Model in The NPT, July 2010).
Therefore, A meets both the 80% and 50% tests and will receive capital-gain treatment while retaining absolute control of the corporate structure.
High Five (HarperCollins) would be hard pressed to win a literary prize, but it meets its objective of exploring the dry theme of corporate structure in an unusually pleasant way.
A Birmingham design and build construction company has enhanced its corporate structure ready for the new millennium.
This postindustrial "revolution" in corporate structure bears an uncanny resemblance to Negroponte's "personal" evolution.
Now, the doyenne of California dance (she cofounded Dance Theatre of Los Angeles with Lester Horton in 1946) has decided to reaffirm her priorities as she seeks to "stop working for the corporate structure that defines arts organizations as we know them today.
Recent safe harbor regulations in federal health programs are going to accelerate these efforts, as it appears that referrals and cooperation within a corporate structure are acceptable.
International Resource News-December 30, 2011--Centamin plc changes corporate structure of Centamin Egypt Limited(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
The company has taken this step as part of restructuring and realignment of the company's corporate structure.

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