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Real corporate culture for adults is similar to peer pressure for teens, making it difficult to behave outside the group norm.
All share Emden's enthusiasm for the USI service model, an appreciation for diverse corporate cultures, and customized, rather than cookie-cutter, real estate solutions.
Many business communication authors have stressed the need for students to be successful in today's workforce they must understand corporate culture.
Can these kinds of policies create a magnetic corporate culture that attracts not only talented employees but also loyal customers and long-term investors?
What I saw was very little opposition to corporate culture.
McMahon was giving his usual spiel against the ``NFL suits,'' bemoaning the league's corporate culture.
But when it comes to searching for the answers to the serious questions about corporate culture and the politics that linger after the close of the case, readers will have to look elsewhere.
First, it provides a brief background on the notion of "culture"; second, it sets out a brief typology of corporate culture.
corporate culture that emphasizes short-term profits and often fails to make the best use of the existing talents of workers at all levels.
Schiavo shows the agency's corporate culture in action - starting with the administrator's butler, ceremonial office, and unlimited access to cockpit time in the agency's huge fleet of planes.

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