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The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) empowers more than 20,000 directors to lead with confidence in the boardroom.
* Foster a powerful, trusted, global community of influential women corporate directors
The other remaining corporate directors are Arthur Owen and Gwen Carrington.
Mr Ross said: "I am pleased to have been formally offered the role as corporate director here in Leicestershire and Warwickshire.
Steve Stewart, chief executive and Paul Moffat, corporate director of children's services, will both leave the council on November 30 and Kate Roe, deputy chief executive, will leave on December 31.
A Cardiff council spokesman said: "The appointment of Paul Orders as corporate director, built environment, was a unanimous decision made by an appointment committee, comprising all political parties on the council including Councillors Berman, McEvoy, Ralph Cook,Walker and Hyde.
David Adams, regional corporate director, said: "Coventry has always been an important commercial centre for us.
Of the 125 medical schools, 7 reported to university presidents who also were directors of health care corporations, 11 reported to vice presidents for health affairs who were corporate directors, and 5 were lead by deans who also were health care corporate directors.
John Union, Barclays' corporate director for Wales, said, 'Karen's vision and experience will be vital to the long-term development and future direction of the corporate operation within Wales.'
Paul Dottori, Tembec's corporate director of engineering, says his biggest area of focus is finding and securing a low-cost source of energy for the Temiscaming, Que.
"Serving as a corporate director requires specialized skills and a much greater time commitment than it did only a very few years ago," said Beverly Topping, president and CEO of the ICD.
Corporate Director, Government and Acquisition Initiative

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