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Other than the world economic slowdown, global stock market declines and sluggish corporate merger and acquisition activities were also responsible for the sharp drop in foreign direct investments, the UNCTAD report said.
has executed a corporate merger of its five companies, include Bay Breakers, Circuit Breaker Service, Lonestar Breaker and Control and Breaker Connection to streamline communications and services, the company said.
He handles matters involving breach of contract disputes, partnership issues, securities law claims, Ponzi schemes, RICO actions, corporate merger and acquisition transactions, and fraudulent transfer claims.
stocks closed sharply lower Friday as oil hit near-seven-year lows and news of another corporate merger weighed ahead of the Federal Reserve's (Fed) highly anticipated decision on rates next week.
The merger, which represents the largest ever private sector corporate merger in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will make Bahri the third-largest owner of VLCCs in the world.
The boardroom battle for Britain's pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is more than just another corporate merger.
For corporate merger, Shih said that the arrangement involves complicated relationship of interests and the government can only respond to the request of enterprises for assistance passively.
It was listed in 1991 and then began a long period of growth both organically and by acquisition including its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless in 1999, and Mannesmann in 2000, the then largest ever corporate merger at pounds 112bn.
ALPA said the aim of the picketing, scheduled for today, is to highlight managements performance in advance of the one-year anniversary of the corporate merger close date.
A major obstacle to corporate merger and aquistion deals could be removed with the launch of a new pension-buyout service for blue-chip firms.
At one time the merger between Marathon and Conoco Oil was the largest corporate merger in U.S.
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