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Without careful consideration of each step, companies may be doomed to the "library-hit-by-a-tornado" effect, where corporate portals are essentially unstructured corporate newspapers produced by every department within the company.
In March 2001, Siemens invested in a corporate portal from France-based software company Mediapps.
An organization can easily spend hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions, of dollars deploying a corporate portal. The portal is used to provide access to information in disparate systems.
"With this corporate portal, we are able to offer all business clients supreme customer service," explained Lidwine Getteman, Pinguin's E-business coordinator.
This conference provides participants with both a complete understanding of corporate portals and real-world case studies.
Such a generated site includes all the vital components that make up an intranet or corporate portal, including directory-based navigation, searching, and news/information delivery.
SurfMap, Inc., Burlington, Ontario, Canada, a developer of Web and intranet design components, has released the beta version of Portal Author to meet the needs of the expanding corporate portal market.
Only Tier 1 sites are linked under our corporate portal.
Request for quotations : procurement of works and services for the modernization of the computing and network infrastructure of the ministry of economy in terms of the creation and implementation of the corporate portal of the ministry of economy of the republic of belarus based on the software product bitrix 24 (or equivalent)
Starting from now in addition to TeamLab SaaS, companies can launch the service on the corporate portal gaining a double control over their business data and resources as this solution eliminates the dependence on the vendor's facilities.
Under the terms of the partnership, the companies will collaborate in using the Kapow RoboSuite Web Integration platform to simplify portlet creation and publishing of legacy applications into the Plumtree Corporate Portal. The partnership also covers migration, integration and the synchronising of legacy content with the Plumtree Content Server.
The importance of external content to the MDS corporate portal is not unique.

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