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The Intraspect Collaboration Solution for BEA WebLogic Portal can immediately increase corporate portal utilization by adding the functionality to corporate portals to allow employees and third-parties to get work done faster and more efficiently.
This solution enables organizations to augment their corporate portals with a full suite of collaboration and knowledge management capabilities quickly, seamlessly, and cost effectively.
Plumtree is announcing the NET GDK in conjunction with the newest version of its portal platform, the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.
Corporate web site company Plumtree Software has released the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.
Thinking of the corporate portal as a contributive interface might seem odd at first.
Over 2,000 Emerson Motor Company employees rely on their My EMC Corporate portal to collaborate and communicate with each other, using it to increase productivity and meet the changing information needs of the company.
The Air Force is deploying perpetual licenses of the Plumtree Corporate Portal in conjunction with an interim license of an additional e-business solution to create the Air Force Portal, comprised of federated portals from both vendors.
To close the seminar, Plumtree engineers will outline the architecture of the Plumtree Corporate Portal and demonstrate how it interacts with a wide range of applications and Internet services.
Mongoose PortalStudio is an enterprise portal solution that includes: 1) the PortalStudio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to design, assemble, deploy and manage portals and Web services; 2) the PortalStudio Library of reusable portlets, connectors, skins and collaborative Web services for rapidly developing corporate portals, integrating applications, and delivering collaborative solutions; and 3) the PortalStudio Framework, a platform independent, runtime framework for Portals and Web services.
Both Sapient and Plumtree have strong track records in the corporate portal area.
The Plumtree Corporate Portal was the best platform for bringing Pharmacia's resources together with those on the Internet in one place for our employees.

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