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H1B: (Main Effect of Knowledge of Corporate Raid): Subject's knowledge of a corporate raid will not affect the subjects' project selection decisions.
Lim controlled logging operations in over 600,000 ha in northern Luzon and took over adjacent logging companies through corporate raids authorized by Marcos, reducing the forest cover on the country's main island.
Hennadiy Korban, the leader of Ukrainian nationalist party (UKROP) who is currently under house arrest, is being tried for allegations of kidnapping political opponents and government officials, leading a criminal gang, and taking part in corporate raids. Korban vehemently denies these charges.
Co-founded by the late Lord Hanson in 1964, the Hanson group made a series of "corporate raids" that gave it diverse interests, including tobacco, gold mining and chemicals.
So there you have it, an environment that almost encourages corporate raids. I'm sure other investors noticed that Knight Ridder's stock went up 20 percent in anticipation of the sale.
There are issues of corporate raids," Almazbek Atambaev said adding that many Kazakhstani ventures were taken over.
Guiness Peat, which is run by Sir Ron Brierley - best known for his corporate raids in the 1980s - has large holdings in a number of other motor dealerships, including Midland firm Ryland.
In making his case, he explores everything from medieval writings about Jewish money lenders to the role of Jewish-dominated investment banking firms, such as Goldman Sachs, in the spate of corporate raids in the 1980s.
Sage, which announces its six-monthly results today, [Wednesday] which specialises in accounting software, has carried out regular corporate raids over the last 12 months, the latest being Swiss enterprise resource planning software firm Pro-Concept for pounds 7.5m last month.

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