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SPONSOR, civil law. He who intervenes for another voluntarily and without being requested. The engagement which he enters into is only accessory to the principal. Vide Dig. 17, 1, 18; Nov. 4, ch. 1 Code de Com. art. 158, 159; Code Nap. 1236 Wolff, Inst. Sec. 1556.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The IRS's proposed regulations address Section 513(i) and its treatment of corporate sponsorship payments.
The new proposed regulations will likely result in more UBI from corporate sponsorship arrangements.
Associations will be in a better position by making an honest assessment of whether a portion of the payment will be considered taxable under the new law and memorializing the allocation in the corporate sponsorship agreement.
Corporate sponsorships and relationships involving cause-related marketing, advertising, and promotion.
The definition of advertising in the proposed regulations applies only for the purposes of corporate sponsorship, not for periodical or trade show advertising.
Release date- 25072019 - The Maptitude mapping software team is proud to provide corporate sponsorship for the Northeast Geographic Information Society (NEGIS).
We are cognisant of the importance of corporate sponsorship and involvement to Kenyan sport.
The corporate sponsorship deal is a first for Willamalane.
"YAA is a fantastic local charity that regularly makes a difference to people's lives and as a business we are proud to provide sustained financial input through corporate sponsorship. We are delighted to have found yet another way to offer support with the launch of our YAA energy partnership scheme."
Accused sent fake letters of recommendation to PSUs, seeking corporate sponsorship
Smile For Life Children's Charity in Gosforth has produced corporate sponsorship packages from PS25 per month with a range of benefits, including Great North Run places, staff volunteering opportunities, publicity, an article on the business in the charity newsletter and a link to the business on the website.

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