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"It is cruel and calamitous and often constant, and, as its Latin root poena implies, it is the corporeal punishment each of us ultimately suffers for being alive."
He added that Duterte is in favor of a more balanced and nuanced approach, which is both protective of the child but recognizing the right of parents who believe in the merits of corporeal punishment properly administered.
Meanwhile, Minister Education Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar has also taken notice of corporeal punishment in a private school of Deharki that injured the student.
Instead of forbidding any attempt to understand it, probe it, depict it verbally or visually, on pain of, well, harsh corporeal punishment, including death, quite apart from eternal damnation.
She provides vivid descriptions of how colonists' bodies endured brutal physical experiences as starvation, illness, or corporeal punishment even as they came together to sing, pray, preach, and be baptized.