Corpus Juris

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Corpus Juris

[Latin, A body of law.] A phrase used to designate a volume encompassing several collections of law, such as the Corpus Juris Civilis. The name of an American legal encyclopedia, the most recent edition of which is known as Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.®).

corpus juris

n. the body of the law, meaning a compendium of all laws, cases and the varied interpretations of them. There are several encyclopedias of the law which fit this definition, the most famous of which is Corpus Juris Secundum. Several states have such series of books covering explanations of the law of that state.

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5) See John B McClay & Wendy L Matthews, Corpus Juris Humorous: A Compilation of Humorous, Extraordinary, Outrageous, Unusual, Colorful, Infamous, Clever and Witty Reported Judicial Opinions and Related Materials Dating from 1256 A.
Asi, la transgresion de este corpus juris constituye un crimen de guerra, por lo que bajo ciertas circunstancias la destruccion intencional del patrimonio cultural puede ser considerada como un crimen en contra de la humanidad.
Habeas corpus affords us freedoms that corpus juris doesn't which deprives its citizens of their liberty.
16) The ideal of a corpus juris that is free from logical inconsistencies is not merely attractive; some close-as-possible approximation of the ideal is demanded by the conceptual structure of law itself.
The Corpus Juris Civilis influenced legal thought and techniques, including attitudes to legal rules, legal classifications, courts, and precedent in civil law jurisdictions at the expense of local customary (practised) law.
Second, there are striking similarities between al-Shaybani's six works (al-Asllal-Mabsut, al-Janni' al-kabir, al-Jami al-saghir, al-Ziyadat, and al-Siyar) and the Corpus Juris Civilis: there is a clear correspondence in structure, function, and content that, according to Jokisch, can only be explained as the result of systematic reception (pp.
720, 727 (1944) (quoting 38 Corpus Juris Secundum 949 and 952 (1943))).
The moves towards the European system of corpus juris, where individuals are required to prove innocence, are completely at odds with our judicial system which has always had the presumption of innocence as a starting point.
But the most frightening aspect of Britain's participation in the EU is the complete overhauling of their justice system to the new system being introduced: corpus juris, literally meaning "body of law.
The declarations of freedom which have made our country unique in the world since 1215 are about to be abolished when the EU replaces our laws with their Corpus Juris, based on the Code Napoleon.
Aparece por primera vez en el corpus juris civilis.