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[Latin, Body, aggregate, or mass.]

Corpus might be used to mean a human body, or a body or group of laws. The term is used often in Civil Law to denote a substantial or positive fact, as opposed to one that is ambiguous. The corpus of a trust is the sum of money or property that is set aside to produce income for a named beneficiary. In the law of estates, the corpus of an estate is the amount of property left when an individual dies. Corpus juris means a body of law or a body of the law. Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.®) is an all-inclusive, multivolume legal encyclopedia.


n. 1) Latin for body. 2) the principal (usually money, securities, and other assets) of a trust or estate as distinguished from interest or profits.


noun aggregate, aggregation, amassment, assemblage, body, bulk, chief part, collection, collectivity, compages, compilation, complexus, concentration, concretion, confluence, conglomerate, core, cornerstone, corporality, corporeity, cumulation, embodiment, ensemble, essence, fullness, grand total, gross amount, grouping, import, importance, inclusiveness, integrality, integration, keynote, legal body, legal entity, main body, main part, major part, mass, materiality, materialization, matter, pith, plenum, principal, principle, quantity, quintessence, res, signification, solid substance, solidarity, structure, substance, substantiality, sum, sum and substance, sum total, summation, total, totality, weight, whole, wholeness
Associated concepts: corpus delicti, corpus juris, corpus of a trust
See also: body, bulk, cornerstone, corpse, entity, person, substance

CORPUS. A Latin word, which signifies body; as, corpus delicti, the body of the offence, the essence of the crime; corpus juris canonis, the body of the canon law; corpus juris civilis, the body of the Civil law.

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In our study, the elastic fibers of the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum of the rats from the TS group did not exhibit significant differences in the volume density, compared with those of the rats from other groups, thereby indicating unaltered organ elasticity.
Our study demonstrates that the groups fed with OS and TS in moderate amounts do not exhibit changes in the structures of the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.
Concentration of elastic system fibers in the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum, and tunica albuginea in the rabbit penis.
Photomicrographs of collagen fibers in the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum of the penises of rats from the different groups tested.
In contrast to normal corpus spongiosums, which are soft and compressible in nature, the palpated mass was stony hard, resembling a malignant lesion.
Literature review showed that elective gangrene of the corpus spongiosum is very rare and in our case no etiology could be found.
Documentation of tumor in relation to surrounding anatomic structures (such as corpus spongiosum, corpus cavernosum, prostate, periurethral muscle, vagina, and bladder) is critical to proper staging.
Our case with its unique medical history opens an interesting and extensive discussion on the possible correlations between spontaneous ventral urethral fistula, congenital hypoplasia of corpus spongiosum and conception with a retained IUD.
It is obvious that more complex techniques are required to reconstruct penile strictures, as the corpus spongiosum is much thinner than in the bulb.
We report the case of a 73-year-old man with UC metastases to the corpus spongiosum and dermis of the distal penis.
Tumour involved only the corpus spongiosum in this case.
The ability to achieve negative penectomy margins and the extensive infiltration of tumour into the corpus spongiosum reinforced this approach.