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I'm truly excited to be joining ShoreTel as the company accelerates its market impact, innovating in hybrid UC, the transition to cloud, and the launch of ShoreTel Connect," said Corrales.
This is by far the most talented group of boys I have ever coached,'' Corrales said.
Corrales said: "These horses are used to travelling.
Castillo has already been through the Corrales fight and he is going to have to do it again in order to have a chance of beating me," he added.
Michelle Corrales, said: "It's a special fight because Diego made a legacy with Castillo and had so much respect for him.
Castillo was three pounds over the limit for their rematch and hammered Corrales, who died in a motorbike accident last month, in four rounds after his opponent bravely agreed to go ahead.
It would be great if we could say it was surprising to hear about the findings of the toxicology report that came back on the late Diego "Chico" Corrales this week.
Corrales, the 29-year-old former two-weight world champion, was killed in Las Vegas when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle.
Having squeezed past Collazo to claim the WBA welterweight title, Hatton wants a showdown with the winner of next month's eagerly awaited lightweight rubber match between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo.
Food industry machinery is sought by Taller Juan Corrales, in business since 1989.
The unsolved murder of 23-year-old female impersonator Amancio Corrales recently led friends and gay activists in Yuma, Ariz.