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In terms of correct English grammar, was it the Kenyan official or was it his Sudanese counterpart and visitor?
Blasting off its incorrect English, she stressed that she is always watchful of her use of correct English grammar and will never commit such an obvious mistake.
Simple and correct English is required to secure high marks adding that the students of Sindh province are not lagging behind in talent.
Those of us who proudly refer to "our mom" are constantly chided that the correct English diminutive for mother is 'mum' and that the word that we speak is an Americanism.
I don't think any native speaker speaks correct English unless he/she is educated.
"The presence of traditional dialects can complicate learning proper, grammatically correct English," IRC Director Rita Awuku said.
The purpose of the Native Son Spelling Bee is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.
The other aspect of modern football he has pioneered is speaking correct English, which for a chap from Alsace in eastern France, is quite an achievement, and one well beyond many of our native-born football pundits.
Most pupils today don't display commonsense, can't speak correct English and are lacking in discipline in school and home.
The problematic organization of material should not stop the curious ones from looking for this volume, as well-researched material has been delivered in sophisticated and grammatically correct English.
I'll tell you what; my friend from the past who could have been (is that correct English?) the current police cannot cut it.
I know one young guy who wants to be a firefighter but he doesn't have the correct English qualification.