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A list of 15 questions will be released during the period of the competition, and participants with correct answers will be eligible to enter the final draw; each correct answer is a chance to enter the draw.
A Once a week B Once a day C Once a year YOUR HEALTH STARTS ON P24 ANSWERS 1 A-2 B-3 C-1 CORRECT ANSWER A Toothbrushes used for longer than three months are less effective at removing plaque because bristles start to splay.
The correct answer is always less than 15 points, which is a fail.
Users are given four choices for each picture and must select the correct answer in the allocated time.
Simply answer 10 fun questions about Sunny and Costa to scoop Diamonds for every correct answer.
The observed difference in arithmetic accuracy between the sexes may arise from a willingness to risk being wrong by answering from memory before one is sure of the correct answer," said Drew Bailey, researcher at the University of Missouri.
The Indian expat, who has lived in the kingdom since 1988 and has a 23-year-old son, Keith, will enjoy a trip to the cinema and enjoy watching the latest blockbuster on one of Cineco's 44 screens on the island (that's the correct answer to last week's quiz) as well as a meal at the popular Rendezvous Restaurant in Bahrain City Centre.
Correct answer is A Binocular uncorrected vision relates most closely to patient satisfaction for a patient who has undergone binocular LASIK
A correct answer is an answer that most people in the group circle.
Intended to create a bond between members of the society by encouraging them to consult with each other for the right answers, the Ramadan SMS challenge has weekly prizes and a surprise grand prize to be won, apart from free credits for every correct answer.
To win pounds 100 to spend at Tesco simply text SWEEP1 followed by a space, then your correct answer to the question below, name, house number and postcode to 84080 or call the competition line 0901 154 2591.
Fill in the letter of the correct answer for each question.