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CORREGIDOR, Spanish law. A magistrate who took cognizance of 'various misdemeanors, and of civil matters. 2 White's Coll. 53.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(1.) For examples of readings of Corregidora that draw upon trauma theory more generally, see Freed 2011, Griffiths 2006, and Setka 2014.
The narratives of Corregidora and Beloved use the black female body as a sign and evidence of the historical embodiment of the pained body in slavery across the diaspora: in this scenario, black women's bodies (those of Ursa's ancestors and Sethe's) become instruments for the perpetuation of domination.
currency) with stable outlook, to the municipality of Corregidora.
(1: 127) Still, it is not until after the grandmother has informed the corregidores of the earrings' provenance via the document that they recognize them: "Apenas hubo oido la Corregidora las razones del papel, cuando reconocio los brincos, se los puso a la boca, y dandoles infinitos besos, se cayo desmayada" (1: 127).
The final chapter of Li's compelling study analyzes Gayl Jones's Corregidora. Here Li explores the "traumatic consequences" of chattel-based slavery, demonstrating how memory functions as a form of bondage (87).
With Gayl Jones's Corregidora, a novel Griffiths investigates in chapter four of Traumatic Possessions, the uncanny spaces of post-traumatic stress are used to indicate the limits of language in Jones's text.
Fulani compares two novels, Corregidora by Gayl Jones and Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid, both dealing with late twentieth-century mother-daughter relationships in the African Diaspora.