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CORREGIDOR, Spanish law. A magistrate who took cognizance of 'various misdemeanors, and of civil matters. 2 White's Coll. 53.

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Like Jones's Corregidora, Morrison's Beloved invites us to hear the buried voice of inexpression.
I am about to check on the coffins of Kleenex when I notice a large dump truck illegally parked on Avenida Corregidora.
The fourth incident occurred at the PEMEX facility outside Corregidora, where a huge explosion severed several pipelines, including one used to transport natural gas to local distributors and another that supplied a local refinery with crude oil.
Ursa is nor the only person who feels silenced in the novel; there is an array of women in Corregidora who are silenced by their oppressors, both living and dead.
The racial, economic, legal, and sexual exploitation by the white male and then its subsequent cover up, euphemistically referred to as "history," have been powerfully dramatized by Jones in Corregidora.
This theme Kubitschek traces in Marshall's The Chosen Place, the Timeless People, Gayl Jones's Corregidora, Alice Walker's Meridian, and Toni Morrison's Beloved.
Corregidora foregrounds the traumatic inheritance of women, but the ambiguous and less visible trauma of the novel's men is also essential to understanding the visions of both past and future that the novel provides.
The works examined are Richard Wright's poem on lynching, "Between the World on Me," John Oliver Killen's Youngblood," Gayle Jones' Corregidora, and Octavia Butler's Kindred.
Pink Sheets:NBDR), a Nevada corporation, announced an agreement with Corregidora Global Group ("CGG") which calls for CGG to market and distribute co-branded No Borders' United States bank issued debit cards to consumers residing in the United States who regularly send remittances to family members in Mexico.
A blues coda in Gayl Jones's 1970 novel Corregidora grieves that when the Brazilian slaveocracy fell in 1888, "they burned all the papers.
Macleod stated, "AG Distributores Internacionales has a highly effective marketing and sales presence in the medical device and hospitality sectors in Mexico City and the metropolitan area of Queretaro which includes Corregidora, El Marques and Huimilpan.