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A replication study examining staffing levels, using a quantitative methodological approach and correlational research design to determine the strengths of the relationships between these same variables and patient satisfaction, would further clarify the hypothesis pronounced in this study.
This quantitative, correlational research study was developed to examine the relationships between nurse staffing, job satisfaction, and nurse retention in an acute care hospital environment.
Data can be collected at the same point in time (cross-sectional) or at different points in time (longitudinal) in correlational research (Frankel & Wallen, 2009).
These practices and predictors were identified through a review of experimental and correlational research using quality indicator checklists for group (Gersten et al.
First, the study uses correlational research design with cross-sectional data.
Despite their widespread use, many researchers view psychometrics and measurement as relevant only for the study of individual differences, correlational research, or for self-report scales.
This lack of generalizability is associated with the correlational research design and convenience sampling and should be addressed in future work using a more representative and diverse sample of persons with MS.
Correlational research suggests that student engagement in the arts is associated with enhanced student achievement.