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Nonetheless, the use of single-subject, pre-experimental, and correlational research methods can be an effective way to identify evidenced-based practices when applied over multiple studies.
2005) for more information on using correlational research to identify other evidence-based predictors.
The correlational research to date supports the design of experimental studies where researchers manipulate the nature of the feedback in a controlled setting to determine if performance as opposed to outcome feedback is an influential element in the creation of a task-involved climate.
Correlational research suggests that student engagement in the arts is associated with enhanced student achievement.
I was surprised to see in Science News, conclusions about causation made on the basis of correlational research ("Keep on Going: Busy seniors live longer, more proof that it pays to stay active" SN: 7/15/06, p.
In addition to this correlational research, a number of studies have explored the relationship of spirituality, religion, and career development qualitatively.