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In 2014, Awater and Waaijers won a Dutch competition called the Challenge, where Correlations was awarded a prize for the best innovative idea for journalism in the Netherlands.
What is the correlation between the climate of school and job satisfaction of teachers?
This article explores the economic link between China and North America by investigating their correlations.
Correlations of each cell in the reference image against the whole correlated image are a time consuming process.
At the same time that long-short equity hedge funds have been rallying, the so-called intrastock correlation has been falling.
Suppose that each student achieves exactly half of the mark in their English exam that they scored in their maths paper: in this case the correlation between their maths and English scores is perfect and the Pearson coefficient derived from comparing the two sets of results is 1:
Such as the analysis of the metric is also not comprehensive enough, understanding the correlation between current network flow metrics is not fully and do not meet the demands of filtering redundancy metric.
The Pearson's r provides a good example of how correlations work in demonstrating a linear relationship.
With regards to the relationship between time and attempted calls, it is not reasonable to correlate a nominal data with an interval data therefore this test could not be conducted with regression or correlation analysis.
One way to measure the discrimination of "twin" type samples is the Fourier correlation analysis.
The maximum and minimum values of PVT properties for evaluation of oil FVF correlation are given in Table -2.
Thus, inside the Exploratory Factor Analysis module of ViSta the user may opt between using a Pearson correlations matrix or a tetrachoric correlations matrix as input for the analysis.