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Excluding those void cell pairs that do not contain sufficient data points, the correlations were implemented for 266 cell pairs of 10 KM correlations and 4794 cell pairs of 180 KNM correlations.
This was done with SPSS by correlating the set of values against itself, and then the values are shifted one step backwards until the highest correlation coefficient was achieved.
Shammasi's correlation for oil formation volume factor, the new correlation is evaluated by doing regression analysis.
Fourier correlation process is used for function discrimination.
2005) proposed other modified Dittus-Boelter-type correlations based on their own experimental data.
Results are presented in Section IV for correlations between both matched and mismatched price and output indexes.
The relationship between district-wide perceptions of leaders' decision making approaches and perceptions of influence in change decisions is further supported through correlation analysis.
You should see the table of correlations and the results of the t test move to the right, leaving a blank column under the "H.
While some companies have been able to find apparent correlations between such characteristics and loss ratio in their own books of business, it is not clear that demographic characteristics can provide rating variables for wide.