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Here the reptile stopped and commenced to go over the poor devil carefully, and as it did so its back turned toward me for an instant, and in that instant I gave two mighty leaps that carried me out of the chamber into the corridor beyond, down which I raced with all the speed I could command.
He sniffed at me and growled ominously, but when I spoke to him and patted his huge head he at length became reconciled to the change, and at my command trotted off along the corridor in the direction we had been going when our progress had been interrupted by the therns.
The corridor wound more erratically the farther he advanced.
The tapestry was the covering of a door which fell open and showed her that there was another part of the corridor behind it, and Mrs.
Presently we approached a great chamber more brightly lighted than the corridors.
They walked along the corridor till they came to the entrance of the school.
Had chance taken us a few yards further, up either of the corridors which diverged from ours just ahead of us, we might have been irrevocably lost; we might still be lost; but at least we could die in the light of day, out of the horrid blackness of this terrible cave.
Stepping boldly into the corridor, I saw that it was now empty save for the single sentry before the emperor's door.
Entering the dressing-room, she listened at the door, until the silence outside informed her that the corridor was empty.
A moment later Carthoris and Thuvia entered the corridor from the secret chamber.
Creeping stealthily through corridor after corridor and down winding runways which turned hither and thither I finally reached the great hall in which I had broken my long fast that morning.
D'Artagnan waited, walking about the corridor in no enviable mood.