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To support or enhance the believability of a fact or assertion by the presentation of additional information that confirms the truthfulness of the item.

The testimony of a witness is corroborated if subsequent evidence, such as a coroner's report or the testimony of other witnesses, substantiates it.

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v. to confirm and sometimes add substantiating (reinforcing) testimony to the testimony of another witness or a party in a trial. (See: corroborating evidence)

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Ramirez's lawyers provided the agents with a list of more than 20 witnesses, but as of late Wednesday, the FBI hadn't interviewed any of the people who Ramirez believes could corroborate her account, according to the person close to Ramirez.
[section] 1158(b)(1)(B)(ii), (21) if an IJ chooses to require additional evidence to corroborate otherwise credible testimony, the applicant must provide it.
conspiracy, sufficient to corroborate his confession to being a part of
Absent some other witness statement or physical evidence that corroborates the teacher's admission, prosecutors say they cannot charge the woman with a crime.
He said: "They corroborate evidence of offences in the cellar.
This confirms an account by Roman biographer Suetonius, that the emperor 'extended the Palace as far as the Forum, converted the shrine of Castor and Pollux into its vestibule and would often stand between these Divine Brethren to be worshipped by all visitants.' Italian authorities have yet to corroborate the research.
This qualitative analysis does corroborate the disagreement and opposite effect generated when the hospitalist system is integrated into a health care system, and when this integration represents a threat to the earning potential of primary care physicians.
``We have not been able to corroborate the claims among the thousands of pages of documents and other evidence we have gathered the last year,'' one senior law enforcement official said.
"The survey tends to corroborate the view that there is a racial divide between whites and African Americans in our society that is not transcended even by a culture as strong as the culture of policing," the study concludes.
Notarial documents; stati d'anime, records of baptisms and marriages; carteggi; and numerous financial records, to name only a few of the categories of documents which she has explored, corroborate her subject in an impressive manner.
Just as the prankster predicted, dozens of sermons, articles, Web pages, and talk shows earnestly reported the `hole into hell' before anyone bothered phoning him to corroborate the `facts.'" (Reprinted in The Door, May/ June 2000)