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The DOC found subsidy rates ranging from 26% to 236% against imports from China, the biggest source of corrosion-resistant steel imports into the United States in 2014.
Fortech develops and manufactures corrosion-resistant water-based paints and coatings for the automotive, recreational-vehicle and allied industries.
The site also contains the new corrosion prevention and control guidebook [see "New Publication Provides Corrosion Precention and Control Guidance" on page 36] that can be used by program managers to help design corrosion-resistant systems before they are fielded.
government to revoke six-year-old antidumping duties on corrosion-resistant steel imports from Japan in compliance with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, industry sources said Tuesday.
com) announced today that the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has issued Evaluation Report ESR-2107 for MMFX2, an uncoated corrosion-resistant and high-strength reinforcing steel.
International Trade Commission (ITC) has made a unanimous preliminary determination that corrosion-resistant steel (CORE) produced in six foreign countries is causing injury to AK Steel and the domestic steel industry.
Attendees of Coatings Trends & Technologies 2011 had the opportunity to listen first-hand as Schmitt discusses the latest findings about the use of waterborne polyurethane technology in corrosion-resistant coatings.
Midwest Pipeline Rehabilitation, LLC and HydraTech, LLC are offering their new corrosion-resistant coating, HydraLine.
In addition to industry-standard Derakane Momentum 411-350 resin and Derakane Momentum 510C-350 resin, the line now includes Derakane 451-400 and Derakane 515-400 resins, which were derived from Ashland's Hetron corrosion-resistant resins.
The sliding contact pair incorporates corrosion-resistant steel and a corrosion-resistant PTFE-bronze film that Is fixed in the outer ring crowned surface.
The date stamp is made from Corrosion-resistant steel of 50 to 55 HRC that withstands temperatures up to 302 F.
A testament to the corrosion-resistant properties of iron, an iron pillar has stood in the same place in Delhi, India since 400 A.