political corruption

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He stated that if the people give him chance of District Nazim he will change the traditional and corrupt politics in district and will provide the basic requirement on their doorstep to the people.
Syriza's campaign focused on doing away with the staid and often corrupt politics of the past.
The 72-year-old general, who first came to power three decades ago via a military coup, campaigned as a born-again democrat intent on cleaning up the corrupt politics of Africa's most populous nation.
This is not unusual for a party that emerged as an alternative to chronically corrupt politics in Turkey, having large sections on "clean politics" in its election pledges.
com)-- Now, feeling grounded in her new life working along with being a part time voluntary yoga instructor and a single mom in New York, Lucky unknowingly enters the dangerous world of corrupt politics.
2 billion euro and their corrupt politics, every new-born baby owes 2,100 euros," Silegov said.
This election shows that honest politics can win over corrupt politics," Kejriwal said.
On the one side, there was clean politics, and on other side, there was corrupt politics of other parties,"
The party, whose symbol is a broom symbolising a clean sweep of India's corrupt politics, has been hoping for a "revolution" upset at the polls but surveys suggest it will come third.
radixntxclipse: A selfproclaimed "59-year old crack head" is ranting about his ex-wives and corrupt politics on the bus.
Directed by Martin Scorsese, Boardwalk Empire focuses on corrupt politics and organized crime in prohibition era Atlantic City.
Scripps station improves its community with extensive investigation into corrupt politics