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The Indian top court said a reform to put a ban on convicted person from becoming members of political parties would coincide with its past judgments shaming corrupt politics.
Young Kurds who don't speak Arabic and don't identify with Iraq will not bow the knee to a sectarian and more corrupt politics that despises their progressive policies and wants, for instance, to ban alcohol and reduce the age of sexual consent and marriage to nine.
He said the corrupt politics had weakened the democratic system.
Blaming former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his finance minister Ishaq Dar for the current economic state of affairs, Khan did not spare Zardari for his alleged corrupt politics that, Khan claimed, had ruined the Sindh province, where his party ruled.
This social commentary about corrupt politics, homosexual oppression, the power of white privilege, and the criminalization of black men was written by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1946 and blatantly addresses the suffocating racial tension, gender bias, sexual oppression, and stereotyping of the era.
But Graeme Mcleish was fed up with having corrupt politics in general, saying: "Regarding ethics, or even morals, is this a new phenomena with politicians?
I simply hate corrupt politics and disdain rotten politicians.
He stated that if the people give him chance of District Nazim he will change the traditional and corrupt politics in district and will provide the basic requirement on their doorstep to the people.
Syriza's campaign focused on doing away with the staid and often corrupt politics of the past.
The 72-year-old general, who first came to power three decades ago via a military coup, campaigned as a born-again democrat intent on cleaning up the corrupt politics of Africa's most populous nation.
This is not unusual for a party that emerged as an alternative to chronically corrupt politics in Turkey, having large sections on "clean politics" in its election pledges.
com)-- Now, feeling grounded in her new life working along with being a part time voluntary yoga instructor and a single mom in New York, Lucky unknowingly enters the dangerous world of corrupt politics.