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The first cosmic strings were unstable and split into small pieces capped by monopoles.
Theory forbids cosmic strings from having ends, so they must appear as loops or infinite strands.
Cosmologists have postulated the existence of cosmic strings to account for the pattern of galaxies in the universe (SN: 12/7/96, p.
These results suggest that cosmic strings preserved remnants of primordial matter, seething at the high temperature of the Big Bang, long after the birth of the universe.
Hence, the principle of mediocrity favors scenarios in which cosmic strings or other spacetime defects (SN: 10/15/94, p.
Noting the similarity between the mathematical model used by Kibble for the formation of cosmic strings and models used in condensedmatter physics to describe certain kinds of phase transitions, researchers have in recent years turned to laboratory experiments to test the credibility of Kibble's structure-forming mechanism.
That theory holds that variations in the microwave background are the same in all parts of the sky Other theories, which require the presence in the early universe of unusual structures, called cosmic strings or textures, predict just the opposite.
Cosmologists have suggested more exotic models -- involving cosmic strings, for example -- that both fit with the new findings and seem to explain the lumpy cosmos.
Richard Gott III of Princeton University, this solution involves two cosmic strings -- a pair of extremely thin, invisible strands of concentrated energy that warp space-time in a peculiar way.