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Cosmic Strings have also in past tied up with Gurgaon community radio 107.
Although cosmic strings were only theoretical objects, there is good reason for believing they might exist.
The possible frequency range of the waves is exceptionally large, "raising the hope of detection" of cosmic strings," said theoretical physicist Henry Tye at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.
Cosmic strings have recently run into trouble in that arena because their expected pattern matches neither the distribution of galactic clusters nor the patchiness of background radiation left over from the Big Bang (SN: 1/27/96, p.
Cosmologists have postulated the existence of cosmic strings to account for the pattern of galaxies in the universe (SN: 12/7/96, p.
You obviously want to push it further-to know not just how many vortices or cosmic strings there were, but also if they are all in loops or long, straight strings.
These are defects in the fabric of space-time itself, such as long, massive lines known as cosmic strings.
These experiments showed that a phase transition could generate linelike defects analogous to the cosmic strings of the Kibble mechanism.
Cosmologists have suggested more exotic models -- involving cosmic strings, for example -- that both fit with the new findings and seem to explain the lumpy cosmos.
Richard Gott III of Princeton University, this solution involves two cosmic strings -- a pair of extremely thin, invisible strands of concentrated energy that warp space-time in a peculiar way.
From this abstract mathematical stew, they extract a mess of exotic geometric structures -- cosmic strings, monopoles, domain walls, global texture -- that rumple the smooth distribution of matter and energy in the universe.
In the past, many of these possibilities -- cosmic strings, global textures, late-time phase transitions -- would have appeared too strange for anyone to take seriously.