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Caption: Figure 1: (a) Preoperative chest X-ray shows right sided obliteration of costophrenic angle and displaced right lung.
Chest X ray (PA view) showing in-homogeneous opacities in right upper lope, linear fibrotic opacities in right middle lobe and blunting of right costophrenic angle.
Blunting of a costophrenic angle is the classic sign for pleural effusion.
Her chest x-ray showed blunting of the left costophrenic angle and her abdominal x-ray showed multiple dilated small bowel loops with faecal loading in the descending colon.
On the other hand as little as 50ml of pleural fluid may cause blunting of the posterior costophrenic angle on a lateral chest radiograph (Light 2005).
The chest radiograph showed some subtle consolidation at the left costophrenic angle.
In response, an experienced radiographer might explain that pleural effusion is a frequent finding on chest radiographs and sometimes blunting of the costophrenic angle is the only radiographic sign.