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COUCHANT. Lying down. Animals are said to have been levant and couchant, when they have been upon another person's land, damage feasant, one night at least. 3 Bl. Com. 9.

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The Dragon continues to lie couchant barely emitting a wisp of smoke to signal a long delayed awakening.
Pas un seul mort, au Levant comme au Couchant, sur terre aussi bien qu'en mer, sans que Munkar et Nakir ne l'interroge sur la walaya de 'Ali, le questionnant au sujet de son Seigneur sa religion, son prophete et son imam.
There was a soiled and tawdry mirror above a massive metal and marble clock supported by a lion couchant on the mantelshelf.
I'm surprised the new, self-governing Scotland didn't choose crossed carrots over a sporran rampant with bagpipes couchant as its new coat-of-arms.
Instead of the three English lions couchant, they have one Scottish lion rampant.
these two were postured motionless, Like natural sculpture in cathedral cavern; The frozen God still couchant on the earth, And the sad Goddess weeping at his feet: (H 1:85-88)
Il a indique que cela a suscite la colere des pelerins au point qu'un d'entre eux a manifeste en se couchant devant sa voiture a Arafat pour l'empecher de quitter les lieux.
Selections from slightly less familiar composers include a lively flute-and-tape work by Bruno Maderna, a string quartet by Mario Garuti, and a quintet titled Treize couleurs du soleil couchant by the French spectralist composer Tristan Murail.
Or, on the other hand, will they be inclined to view this renaissance in our land with an element of disquiet at the prospect of the Welsh dragon, previously couchant, now displaying signs of becoming once again rampant?
The shield was quartered - three jaguars couchant and the fleur-de-lys in diametrically opposite quarters.
Look like coats of arms with choice between crossed spanners over a hammer rampant or three bolts couchant with flange akimbo.
He had previously stayed on well to beat Ivor's Flutter and Couchant in a competitive handicap over course and distance in December and provided the Kempton fall hasn't dented his confidence, he should play a major part here.