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4 MDA-MB-453 cells were treated with increasing concentrations of each of the Cimifuga components for 96 h and the number of viable cells determained using a Coulter counter.
They have also been very effective for cell isolation and selection by use of microfiltration or electrical fields, and the popular Coulter counter and flow cytometer have been successfully miniaturized into a chip format (10,11).
Coulter, who developed the Coulter Counter, which revolutionized diagnosis by providing quick, accurate blood information, and C.
Another of Roy's favorites was the Coulter Counter Model S introduced in 1958, 50 years ago: "It was even in a movie, Omega Man with Charlton Heston, but how Chuck got usable results with all six lights on in one scene is beyond me.
Beckman Coulter's new Multisizer 4 Coulter Counter delivers an increased dynamic range, and unique digital pulse processing provides size analysis results in real time.
In 20 consecutive blood samples from patients with known chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a total leukocyte count and a differential were done in a Coulter Counter STKS, and glycohemoglobin was measured simultaneously in the Abbott IMx (ion capture technology, fluorescence quenching), the Bayer DCA 2000 (immunologic latex agglutination), and the Bio-Rad DiaSTAT (low pressure liquid chromatography).
The Coulter Counter Model S: This was the original spaghetti factory with six red lights, dueling oscilloscopes, expensive and slippery-when-wet glass reaction chambers, and 20 miles of tubing.