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The counting and sizing of spermatozoa from ten animal species using a Coulter counter.
Coulter Counter Assay: To determine the growth inhibitory activity, MDA-MB-453 human breast cancer cells were exposed to increasing concentrations of black cohosh extracts containing 1%, 15%, or 27% triterpene glycosides (Table 1) or purified triterpene glycosides from Cimicifuga species (Table 2) for 96 h and the number of viable cells was determined by the Coulter Counter assay.
After 3 days, one set of cells was harvested and counted at time 0 with a Z1 model Coulter counter (Coulter Corporation, Miami, FL).
A common diagnostic medical tool, the complete blood count would not be possible without Coulter's invention of the Coulter Counter.
The samples were tested for total solids and turbidity using standard methods and a coulter counter and the results were analyzed.