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PRESIDENT. An officer of a company who is to direct the manner in which business is to be transacted. From the decision of the president there is an appeal to the body over which he presides.

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00: The presidential conference meets for the first time under the leadership of National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka.
SOUNDBITE (English) Ismael Martins, Permanent Representative of Angola to the United Nations and Security Council President for the month of March:
Caption: Outgoing ICAO Council President, Roberto Kobeh Gonzalez (centre), receives a special award from CANSO DG, Jeff Poole (far left), ACIDG, Angela Gittens (second from left), IATA DG, Tony Tyler (second from right).
He commended the Minister of State for Human Rights and head of Bahrain's delegation to Geneva Dr Salah Ali for debunking the allegations of the council president.
All UN Member States have to notify the Council President early in the year
European Council President Van Rompuy stressed his personal dedication to the stability and European perspective of the countries of the Western Balkans, and added that the EU invested great effort in finding a solution to the name issue.
First EU Council president - best prices: 4-7 H Van Rompuy (Lads), 5 T Blair (Lads), 7 J-C Luncker (Lads, Power), 8 J-P Balkenende, 9 V Vike-Freiberga (Power), 14 W Schussel (Lads, Power), T H Ilves (Lads), P Lipponen (Power), 18 C Bildt (Power), F Gonzalez (Power), 20 M Ahtisaari (Lads), F Reinfeldt (Lads), G Verhofstadt (Lads), 25 J Bruton (Lads), F Fillon (Lads), D Grybauskaite (Lads), T Halonen (Power), R Prodi (Lads), P N Rasmussen (Lads), M Robinson (Lads, Power), 33 bar.
Susan Hayes, described by the Building Trades Employers' Council president Louis Coletti as someone who "brings a passion to everything she does," spoke about the industry's responsibility to create business leaders for the next generation.
Yonkers, NY City Council president Chuck Lesnick recently began test-driving a compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered vehicle in a move to support the launch of his initiative encouraging the use of energy-efficient vehicles in the city's car fleet.
TEI President Judy Zelisko and National Foreign Trade Council President William Reinsch prepare to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Pictured are, first row, from left, Chapter 5 Vice Commander John Ormsby, Catherine Golding, Bayonne City Councilman Ted Connolly, and Bayonne City Council President Vincent Lore, Jr.
Lea Weinheimer, has been elected to serve as the Livestock Publications Council President for 2001-2002.

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