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According to the appellant, the lower court erred in law when it decided that their counter-claim was an abuse of court process despite acknowledging that the counter-claim in the suit before him was the earlier in time.
The trial court having expressly severed and entered judgment on the first counter-claim, (87) that judgment was final, and all of the claims that plaintiff wished to bring to the Court of Appeals had been fully addressed in the prior Appellate Division order.
The counter-claim states M&Q had sometimes provided 'substandard, uninhabitable, or unsafe' housing, with some properties suffering blocked drains, broken doors and windows, and vermin infestations.
Simon Bazalgette, former executive chairman of Amrac's joint-venture partner Racing UK, said: "The fact that the judge has not allowed the counter-claim is disappointing, but in the scheme of things this is not the real issue.
I intend to ignore the claims and counter-claims of the political parties.
The EU immediately filed a counter-claim that Boeing receives an equal amount of state help through defence contracts and state tax cuts including USD3.2bn in tax breaks from Washington state for building its new 7E7 aircraft there.
submitted a counter-claim. It alleged that Iran had previously breached the 1955 Treaty by attacking vessels in the Gulf and by other actions that thwarted commerce and navigation between the U.S.
But last night Tyneside sources claimed Shepherd was going to hit back with a counter-claim against Silkman for asking for too much money for Acuna's transfer in the first place.
Silverman's counter-claim by proving to the court that Ms.
However, Zizan was unsuccessful in his attempt to set aside the Sessions Court and High Court's decision to reject his counter-claim against Marina.
RECORD READERS reacted to the latest claim and counter-claim in the general election campaign after Gordon Brown revealed the SNP plan to spend no extra money at Holyrood in the year 2015-16.
After losing the case in March 2013, she is due to pay damages of PS25,000 and legal costs estimated at more than PS250,000 It follows the judgement in London's High Court by Mr Justice Tugendhat, who dismissed Mrs Thompson's claim in its entirety and upheld Mr James's counter-claim for libel, awarding him PS25,000 damages.