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BAGHDAD: Iraqi security forces and militias fought their way into Tikrit Wednesday, advancing on two fronts in their biggest counter-offensive so far against ISIS militants.
Ukraine's security and defence council said the border town of Novoazovsk and other parts of Ukraine's south-east had fallen under the control of Russian forces who together with rebels were staging a counter-offensive.
Summary: Peshmerga backed by US warplanes press counter-offensive against jihadists after retaking Iraq's largest dam alongside federal forces.
The latest outbreak of violence has been condemned by world leaders, including UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, who called on pro-Machar rebels to immediately cease all offensive operations in Nasir and other areas, while also urging the South Sudanese government to resist launching any counter-offensive.
So far, the Iraqi army has been unable to launch a strategic counter-offensive to drive the rebels back.
In Samarra, reinforcements were awaiting orders to launch a counter-offensive against areas north of the city, including Dur and Tikrit, seized by militants earlier this week, an army colonel said.
As Captain BJ Blazkowicz, you must launch what appears to be an impossible counter-offensive that will stop the Nazi robots and hulking Super Soldiers in their tracks.
The move came after the last outposts held by M23 rebels in Congolese territory were seized at the end of a DR Congo government counter-offensive.
Opposition campaigners believe the counter-offensive is part of a new strategy aimed at regaining three rebel-held regions that pose a threat to Assad's grip on the capital Damascus and his supply lines from the coast.
The attack was part of the Chinese fifth phase campaign, the aim of which was to regain the initiative after a successful UN counter-offensive the previous month.
In the context of the announcements that the Greek diplomacy is going to launch an offensive in New York, analyst and former ambassador Dimitar Mircev says that a counter-offensive from Macedonia's side is not necessary considering Macedonia's diplomacy together with its friends and partners launched the offensive long time ago.
Assad has focused his fierce army counter-offensive on Syria's two main cities, reasserting control over much of Damascus before taking the fight to the northern commercial hub.