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To falsify, deceive, or defraud. A copy or imitation of something that is intended to be taken as authentic and genuine in order to deceive another.

A counterfeit coin is one that may pass for a genuine coin and may include a lower denomination coin altered so that it may pass as a higher denomination coin.

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1) adj. describing a document, particularly money, which is forged or created to look real, and intended to pass for real. 2) v. to criminally forge or print a false copy of money, bonds, or other valuable documents, intending to profit from the falsity. 3) n. shorthand for phoney money passed for real. (See: forgery, utter)

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TO COUNTERFEIT, criminal law. To make something false, in the semblance of that which is true; it always implies a fraudulent intent. Vide Vin. Ab. h.t. Forgery.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The market seem to have few reported counterfeit cases although some of the paint manufacturer feel the need for strengthening of the country's regulatory framework.
A sample of the counterfeit goods sold or offered for sale and a receipt of its sale (if this can be obtained); and
Catherine, the police acting on intelligence 'and on close inspection we discovered a large quantity of counterfeit shoes'.
The task force continues to conduct operations in different parts of the country with a view of curbing contrabands, counterfeits and illicit goods.
In 2011-12, as per the US Customs and Border Protection, Pakistan was one of the biggest sources of counterfeit goods in the United States.
Among them are 100-manat banknotes and 10-manat banknotes, which account for 11 percent and seven percent, respectively, of all counterfeit banknotes from 2006 to 2018.
Nag-submit po sila ng samples ng produkto nito na pinaghihinalaan nila counterfeit (The source of the complaint is The Medical City.
The argument is that counterfeits often follow the same shady routes as the other transnational crimes.
CDA Consult has embarked on a nationwide anti-counterfeit electrical product campaign on the general theme: 'Avoid Patronage of Counterfeit Electrical Products and Electronic Appliance.'
Abstract: There is a noticeable increase in new types of suspect counterfeit product as a result of increased awareness, training and improved procurement practices: increased awareness of counterfeit prevention programs and guidance from industry best practices, standards, networking and conferences, improved authentication and detection methodologies at company failure analysis (FA) laboratories and test houses, retesting of inventory and receiving-inspection tests that utilize revised approaches for identifying suspect counterfeits product.
LCCI Senior Vice President Khawaja Khawar Rashid and Vice President Zeshan Khalil said that owning counterfeit currency was a crime and the individuals involved were attempting to defraud their fellow citizens and the country as a whole.