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Furthermore, the WHO, among other international organizations, and a variety of nations all acknowledge the need for international collaboration to eradicate counterfeit drug trade because most counterfeit operations are transnational networks.
Techniques Being Researched to Detect Counterfeit Drugs
SupplyScape Electronic Pedigree is the first solution to comply with both the federal Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) and state drug pedigree laws to eradicate counterfeit drugs, by using the Electronic Product Code (EPC) and RFID industry standards already adopted by the U.
Dr Al Amiri said that according to the World Health Organisation counterfeit drugs had captured nearly 10 per cent of the global medicine market, and nearly 30 to 50 per cent drugs used to treat severe conditions were counterfeit.
There is an industry on fake or counterfeit drugs in the Philippines that is not only thriving but also growing.
In addition to national legislations that attempted to secure the supply chain, a few states such as Florida and California have worked on pedigree legislation that would protect the American public against counterfeit medicine and the counterfeit drug market.
The public may report the sale or distribution of the counterfeit drugs to [email protected] or (02) 8078275 and any suspected adverse drug reaction to www.
Verizon Intelligent Track and Trace can also create, manage, allocate and store large volumes of individual and hierarchical serial numbers to provide visibility and control and help detect counterfeit drugs more easily.
NEW YORK -- Counterfeit drugs, consolidation and quick Food and Drug Administration approvals are presenting new challenges to the pharma industry, according to the fourth quarter 2015 Stericycle Recall Index released last month.
As a consequence, counterfeit drugs, if uncontrolled, can destroy lives and public confidence in healthcare systems, suppliers and sellers of authentic drugs, the pharmaceutical industry and authorities.
The global counterfeit drug market has reached a size of $32 billion.