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The countermeasures section includes a comprehensive list of 46 engineering, education, and enforcement countermeasures, as well as details of each, including its description, purpose, considerations, safety effect, and cost.
Recommendation: To improve HHS's countermeasure enterprise and activities and to ensure HHS's stated medical countermeasure development and acquisition priorities are based on current risk assessments for CBRN agents and the status of recent countermeasure research and development and are clearly and transparently communicated, the Secretary of HHS should update the PHEMCE implementation plan for CBRN medical countermeasure development and acquisition.
593 billion for FY2004 to FY2013 for CBRN countermeasures acquisition through Project BioShield.
These constitute only a few of the points where law enforcement, the jewelry industry, and perhaps even the insurance community can take proactive countermeasures.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 26, 2006 - (JCN) - TDK Corporation has announced the development of the MEA2010LV series of multilayer chip EMI filter arrays with electrostatic discharge (ESD) countermeasure functions.
Army's Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures program for possible integration as a commodity into current and future Navy helicopter programs.
Profits at countermeasures' other two main units, Kilgore and Chemring Countermeasures, lifted fourfold and by 32 per cent respectively.
Bioshield II drastically increases the length of the patent term for new countermeasures.
Finally, before commercializing these countermeasures, we use actual vehicles to verify them.
SMART is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cost-effective online risk management tool," said Sal Lifrieri, president and CEO of Protective Countermeasures.
In the briefing announcing US plans to field an initial missile-defense capability by the 2004-05 timeframe, Lt Gen Ronald Kadish (shown here), director of the Missile Defense Agency, responded to a question about the ability of the system to deal with countermeasures during a missile attack.