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Goggans said Facebook's crackdown has been a time-consuming distraction for counterprotest organizers.
She said the investigation was in an early stage but that she wanted to warn the public because the pages were promoting the counterprotest.
But the march sparked a nearby counterprotest by Newcastle Unites, who said that VAT was "demonising Islam."
Although many lay Catholics joined the counterprotest against the white nationalists, some have expressed concern about the absence of visible Catholic clergy on the front lines alongside several fully garbed Protestant, Jewish and Muslim leaders.
A counterprotest was organized, and street fighting broke out.
A similar-sized counterprotest group, armed with placards calling for unity and 'saying no to the Nazis', then came face-to-face with Britain First in Dudley Street.
In Colorado, a student counterprotest to an anti-protest curriculum.
Anti-fascism and anti-racism campaigners took part in a counterprotest.
Mario Lopez caught flak last year for tweeting a Sunday craving for Chick-fil-A, on the heels of a nationwide boycott and counterprotest over a high-level company exec's support of groups fighting against LGBT rights.
The most publicized counterprotest to Sheehan in Crawford was enacted by Gary Quails, a man who also lost a son in the Iraq War.
Brown quickly launched a Facebook page and organized a 7,000-person counterprotest that not only demonstrated Joplin's unity against Westboro but inspired donations of water, diapers, and toiletries.
He wanted to launch a counterprotest, but keep it positive and peaceful.