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COUNTERS, English law. Formerly there were in London two prisons belonging to the sheriffs courts, which bore this name. They are now demolished. 4 Inst. 248.

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He put one hand on the counter, vaulted over as easily as an acrobat and towered above the priest, putting one tremendous hand upon his collar.
Sommers after that did not move in the direction of the bargain counter.
Deemer and two grown daughters occupied the upper rooms of the building, but Silas had never been known to sleep elsewhere than on a cot behind the counter of the store.
With slowly dawning remembrance, Mr Venus rises, and holds his candle over the little counter, and holds it down towards the legs, natural and artificial, of Mr Wegg.
Steady-eyed like her husband, she preserved an air of unfathomable indifference behind the rampart of the counter.
In precisely forty-three minutes, a maid entered, half out of breath, and laid a note on the counter.
Fynes," he said, lifting the flap of the counter and coming out.
There was an envelope lying on the counter, and a policeman writing in a note-book!
Ever since the old gentleman retired from trade, and fell asleep under his coffin-lid, not only the shop-door, but the inner arrangements, had been suffered to remain unchanged; while the dust of ages gathered inch-deep over the shelves and counter, and partly filled an old pair of scales, as if it were of value enough to be weighed.
This man, seated upon a stool, scarcely showed his head above the counter that sheltered him.
Winkle stepped into the little shop where the gilt-labelled drawers and bottles were; and finding nobody there, knocked with a half-crown on the counter, to attract the attention of anybody who might happen to be in the back parlour, which he judged to be the innermost and peculiar sanctum of the establishment, from the repetition of the word surgery on the door-- painted in white letters this time, by way of taking off the monotony.
He addressed the envelope on the counter with the German name of a certain person living in Vienna.