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COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Certain officers generally entrusted with the superintendence of the collection of the county taxes, and the disbursements made. for the county. They are administrative officers, invested by the local laws with various powers.
     2. In Pennsylvania the office of county commissioner originated in the act of 1717, which was modified by the act of 1721, and afterwards enlarged by the act of 1724. Before the office of county commissioner was established, assessors were elected who performed similar duties. See Act of 1700, 4 Votes of Assembly, 205, 209.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She said she spent much of her campaign explaining to constituents what responsibilities fall under the county commission. Oversight of roads and bridgeswas common knowledge, she said, but many people didn't realizecounty commissionersalso oversee the county court system, including drug courts, some social servicesand jail funding.Blumert has a background in public health at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.
Brevard County Commission Chair Rita Pritchett said the ruling "is a big attack on Christianity," while Americans United welcomed the decision and the injunction.
The small profit did little to counteract the $16,193 net loss for the solid waste authority during fiscal year 2016--a loss that was cushioned by a $50,000 contribution from the Kanawha County Commission and Department of Environmental Protection.
The site that was previously chosen was ruled out because of the lack of county commission and state support in South Dakota.
* February 17, Bay County Commission Chambers, Bay County Government Building, 840 West 11th Street, Panama City.
Now the Broward County Commission and the FAA must sign off on the settlement.
No one would conclude from this that the school board is more mindful of American ideals than the county commission, or that the county commission is deficient in its respect for the flag and the republic for which it stands.
The Collier County Commission did not change the property tax rate this evening, opting instead to continue the debate over raising $130 million for Jackson Laboratory on Wednesday morning.
Joan Busick was awarded the Woman of the Year Award by the Riverside County Commission for Women for her role in co-founding The Girlfriend Factor ...
Darcy Burner (challenger), WA, House D8 Death With Dignity, WA, statewide initiative Mike Kreidler (inc.), WA, Insurance Commissioner Ken Henderson (open seat), WA, State Senate D40 Larry Seaquist (inc.), WA, State House D26 Patricia Terry (challenger), WA, State House D10 Judge Robin Hunt (inc.), WA, Court of Appeals Judy Shiprack (open), OR, Multnomah County Commission
According to the airport's spokesman, Chris Jones, the Clark County Commission has chosen Perini Building Co's bid of approximately USD1.2bn.
By a vote of 4-1, the Clatsop County Commission tentatively approved the consolidated zoning application that will allow construction of the Bradwood Landing LNG terminal in Oregon.

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