County commissioners

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COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Certain officers generally entrusted with the superintendence of the collection of the county taxes, and the disbursements made. for the county. They are administrative officers, invested by the local laws with various powers.
     2. In Pennsylvania the office of county commissioner originated in the act of 1717, which was modified by the act of 1721, and afterwards enlarged by the act of 1724. Before the office of county commissioner was established, assessors were elected who performed similar duties. See Act of 1700, 4 Votes of Assembly, 205, 209.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Others who have been moved are 20 assistant county commissioners from Coast.
Nyeri County Commissioner David Kipkemei on Friday said this will be sustained to ensure the county is safe.
State law requires each of the state's 77 counties to elect three county commissioners. Among other things, they oversee the county's budget, its jail and its roads and bridges.
Weld District Court Judge Todd Taylor issued two separate rulings denying the plant's neighbors' request to have it torn down and affirming an entreaty from Martin Marietta and the county for a chance to fix the issues that caused the Colorado Court of Appeals to reverse the county commissioners' decision to allow the plant.
This was set to be voted on in a joint session of the East Wenatchee City Council and the Douglas County Commissioners, with little to no prior public input.
The county commissioners make $84,457 a year, after they voted in October to give themselves a 13.7 percent pay raise, their first since 2008.
David Moses Lokonga, according to his Tuesday' order, has appointed 13 county commissioners after issuing an order to create more counties in fulfillment of the presidential directives authorizing all the governors of the new states to create counties and appoint new officials in their new territories.
County Commissioners and County Attorney Lisa Jenkins came to the agreement that they would write a letter to the Secretary of Energy stating that they take no position on the matter because they protect private property rights.
The county's attorney, Alison Rogers, argued that the grant was permissible because county commissioners have the legal authority to disperse grants, but Americans United staff attorney Ian Smith countered that argument in remarks to the Pensacola News-Journal.
And the timeline for developing will depend on whether the county commissioners want it considered as a jail site or not.
County Commissioner Chris Chmiel, a board member of both the district and nonprofit, said he will vote against it unless it is rewritten--although his objection doesn't relate to the transfer of the employees.