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COURIER. One who is sent on some public occasion as an express, to bear despatches, letters, and other papers.
     2. Couriers sent by an ambassador or other public minister, are protected from arrest or molestation. Vattel, liv. 4, c. 9, Sec. 123.

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Young says he will not shut down his courier service, however.
To hold onto valuable business and give doctors the flexibility available elsewhere, hospital laboratories can institute courier service.
The passports delivery system has been started in collaboration with courier service providers Aramax and UPS.
The company provides a full range of services to suit the needs of businesses that require a reliable and easy to use courier service for important packages.
Parcel2Go, which offers a wide range of parcel delivery services online from international courier service options to next-day UK courier services, has said UK firms can learn from these survey results.
If you would rather contact the couriers directly, look in the Yellow Pages under Air Courier Services or Messengers.
A spokesperson at the Embassy said the courier service has been terminated because embassy needs to take permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan to offer the service and it may be resumed after approval.
The company provides nationwide same-day, overnight and international courier services with more than 120 associated depots across the UK.
A CARDIFF-BASED cycle courier service has been acquired by a nationwide firm - but will retain its branding.
The company offers a full spectrum service to suit the needs of businesses and individuals that require a reliable and easy to use courier service for the important packages.
After revelation about sending anti government material to important politicians, bureaucrats and important personalities through courier service it has been directed to monitor the courier services in the province.
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