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COURIER. One who is sent on some public occasion as an express, to bear despatches, letters, and other papers.
     2. Couriers sent by an ambassador or other public minister, are protected from arrest or molestation. Vattel, liv. 4, c. 9, Sec. 123.

References in classic literature ?
Our courier says they take you right up to the castle," the young girl continued.
I shut the windows at supper-time so as not to hear the sounds or the arrival of couriers.
There were folk, too, to be met upon the road--beggars and couriers, chapmen and tinkers--cheery fellows for the most part, with a rough jest and homely greeting for each other and for Alleyne.
My excellent Migliore, prince of couriers, shall be the only person in attendance.
Couriers and ladies'-maids, imperials and travelling carriages, are an abomination unto me; I cannot away with them.
Jos's Isidor went from his lodgings into the town, and to the gates of the hotels and lodging- houses round about the Parc, where the English were congregated, and there mingled with other valets, couriers, and lackeys, gathered such news as was abroad, and brought back bulletins for his master's information.
Heralded by a courier in advance, and by the cracking of his postilions' whips, which twined snake-like about their heads in the evening air, as if he came attended by the Furies, Monsieur the Marquis drew up in his travelling carriage at the posting-house gate.
And he who has shown the greatest longing for him has been the great Emperor of China, who wrote me a letter in Chinese a month ago and sent it by a special courier.
That is why I have become a Futurist--and a courier.
The colonel told them that the declaration of war had already appeared in Petersburg and that a copy, which he had himself seen, had that day been forwarded by courier to the commander in chief.
She left me, to marry an Italian courier, named Ferrari--and I am afraid it has not turned out very well.
If the courier liked Baden, they would probably stay there for some time.