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Legal scholars from around the nation submit nominations for Court Jester Awards for cases in which judges advance their own political agendas rather than follow constitutional principles.
Also joining the sparkling line-up is Durham favourite Pee Wee Price, in his ever popular whirlwind of witty banter and comic capers in his role as Court Jester, while fellow funnyman Paul Hartley is hapless King Humphrey.
The son of Court Jester retired to the New South Wales division of Collingrove Stud in 1986 but was moved to its Victoria base, now named Swettenham Stud, in 1993.
Model Caprice is the Royal Dresser, academic Germaine Greer is the Royal Cook and betting pundit John McCririck is the Court Jester.
English Heritage really did hold court jester auditions at the Festival of History in Stoneleigh Park on Saturday.
But fans can see him as court jester Muddles at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, with Toyah and comic Dave Lee (right).
The Campaign Watch Commission of the League of Women Voters said the attempt at the humor of the front page of the April Fools' Day brochure had a person with long black hair on the cover and clearly designed to be a court jester.
Kelly-Ann Dunn's Court Jester, Cindy Stokes's Cefngelli Maisie, Rachel George's, Route 2, David Miller's Semper Felini 2nd Riders 2000: Nicola Hunt's Toffee, Kristiane Tobin's Black Magic, Victoria Best's Dream Weaver, Laura Major's Sonic
The annual Court Jester Awards are patterned after former Senator William Proxmire's Golden Fleece Awards for wasteful government spending and are given to activist judges who violate the public trust by handing down decisions that advance their own political agendas rather than follow constitutional principles.
Our name derives from Elizabethan drama where only the court Jester (the "Fool") could tell the King the truth without getting his head lopped off.
The Court Jester, Vyacheslav Samodurov, turning and cavorting like a pesky mosquito, is the closest thing to a focal point in the first act.
JONATHON Morris was in full-on Scouse mode when he got the call from Sleeping Beauty producer David Lee, asking him to take the role of the Court Jester in the Liverpool Echo Arena's pantomime.