General Jurisdiction

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General Jurisdiction

The legal authority of a court to entertain whatever type of case comes up within the geographical area over which its power extends.

General jurisdiction differs from special or limited jurisdiction, which is the power of a court to hear only certain types of cases, or those in which the amount in controversy is below a certain sum or that is subject to exceptions.

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Zoran Verusevski, the former intelligence service chief, his wife Sonja, Interior Ministry official Gjorgji Lazarevski and Branko Palifrov, an employee of the Municipality of Strumica, showed up at the Skopje 1 Court of General Jurisdiction on Wednesday morning, 24 Vesti reports.
After ystanbul's Civil Court of General Jurisdiction asked MyT about the report on Tuesday during a hearing in which Zarrab is claiming damages for defamation by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), MyT denied the existence of its report on the criminal activities of Zarrab who was detained as part of the Dec.
The Ambassadors of the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Kosovo to Macedonia were summoned to the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thursday where they were issued notes of protest against certain official positions and statements coming from both Albania and Kosovo concerning the violent protest that broke out following the decision of the Court of General Jurisdiction in Skopje to pronounce the six defendants in the Monster murder case as guilty of terrorism and sentence them to life imprisonment.
If you file a suit in court you can expect, even in a small claims situation, to take six to nine months ]before a decision is rendered], and in a court of general jurisdiction you are probably talking about two to three years.
In the United States, most state court systems are composed of at least one appellate court of last resort (COLR), usually called the "Supreme Court," one or more intermediate appellate courts (IACs), at least one trial court of general jurisdiction, and various trial courts of limited and/or special jurisdiction.
Chancery and circuit courts will now be combined into one trial court of general jurisdiction called the circuit court; and existing justice of the peace courts, courts of common pleas, police courts and municipal courts will merge into one new district court.
a jury in Circuit Court, a court of general jurisdiction, rather
Any dispute as a result of this statement shall be subject to a Swedish court of general jurisdiction exclusively.
I believe special departments that would handle all the cases launched by the special prosecutor should be set up at both the Skopje 1 Court of General Jurisdiction and the Court of
Yyldyrym applied to the Constitutional Court via the ystanbul 7th Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction on Nov.

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