Covenant for quiet enjoyment

COVENANT FOR QUIET ENJOYMENT. A covenant usually contained in a lease, by which the lessor covenants or agrees that the tenant shall quietly enjoy the premises leased. 11 East, 641.
     2. Such a covenant is express or implied; express, when it is so mentioned in the deed it is implied, either from the words used, or from the conduct of the lessor. The words "grant" or "demise" are held to amount to an implied covenant for quiet enjoyment, unless afterwards restrained by a qualified express covenant. 1 Chit. Pr. 344.

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Failure to do this will amount to a serious breach of the Landlords' Covenant for quiet enjoyment.
Landlords should also check leases to see whether the tenant could argue that the proposed works amount to a breach of the landlord's covenant for quiet enjoyment.
The landlord's obligations are restricted to the equivalent of a covenant for quiet enjoyment and a reasonable endeavours undertaking in respect of stated services.