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Was the Cone of Power merely mumbo jumbo or did a coven of witches prevent Hitler from invading England?
One witch said: "I first met Mary at a coven meeting about 12 years ago.
Mary also had problems with the High Priestess of the coven.
I would like you to concentrate on raising a circle of energy around us, to turn the wheel of the year,'' says Cheryl Sulyma-Masson, high priestess of one coven, in this town near Providence, R.
2) Cheryl Sulyma-Masson, a high priestess in a coven, leads other witches in a Wiccan ceremony.
And if one starts going off the rails it can be frozen out by other covens.
CAROLINE says she has a spell cast by her coven to thank for bringing 12 years of celibacy to an end for her.
You two are invited to join my coven," she said with a smile.
There are no set rules, no dogma and various covens believes various things.
By night, she dons unusual robes, practices white magic and hosts a witches coven in her city centre flat.
But Moen said there are several covens in the San Fernando Valley, dating back about 25 years.
Silja, spiritual leader of the Coven of the Silver Wheel of the Stars, said "We receive many requests to perform old Celtic marriage rites from people reluctant to submit to traditional church ceremonies.