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However, the method perfectly detected and differentiated variola from monkeypox virus (endemic in Africa), from cowpox virus (endemic in Europe but responsible for only limited cutaneous lesions in immunocompetent people), and also from vaccinia virus, thus helping to ascertain the diagnosis of complications of a smallpox vaccination in clinical practice (e.
Chasing Jenner's vaccine: revisiting cowpox virus classification.
cgi) identified cowpox virus (CPXV; family Poxviridae, genus Orthopoxvirus) in all cases.
Huggins' team exposed several groups of mice to an aerosol of cowpox virus and simultaneously gave some the HDP-CDV treatment or cidofovir.
observed that inoculation with live cowpox virus stimulated protective
An alignment was created from complete genome sequences from 11 MPXV isolates and cowpox virus Grisham (CPXV_GRI) by using MAFFT version 6 (http://mafft.
Putting a modern spin on the work of English physician Edward Jenner, who used cowpox virus 200 years ago to vaccinate people against smallpox, Kapikian and his colleagues at NIAID employed a weakened rotavirus strain that infects these monkeys.
When examining skin lesions on llamas, viral diseases to consider as differential diagnoses include vesicular stomatitis, rabies, poxvirus (contagious ecthyma and cowpox virus [CPXV]) (2), foot-and-mouth disease, bluetongue, and mucocutaneous fibropapillomas (3).
Cowpox virus (family Poxviridae, genus Orthopoxvirus [OPV]) was originally considered to infect milking cows and to have zoonotic potential.
It was shown that loss of transgene could occur in recombinant viruses obtained from in vitro co-infection of permissive cells with a live modified vaccinia Ankara-vectored influenza vaccine and a naturally occurring cowpox virus (40).
The first, which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, occurred when Edward Jenner demonstrated that inoculations with the cowpox virus protect humans from the ravages of smallpox.
DNA from reference CTGV (1) was used as positive control, and VACV-WR and cowpox virus strain Brighton Red were used as negative controls (5).